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See below the latest advice about GOS and eye care continuity in Scotland during the current coronavirus/COVID-1 outbreak. 

The memorandum includinstruction to all General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) providers to cease providing routine eye care and to move to providing only essential and emergency eye care in Scotland from Monday 23 March 2020 

  • a package of financial measures to help support community optometry practices in Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic - all practices will receive a monthly payment equating to their average monthly item of service income across the 2019/20 financial year 

  • information about emergency eye care pathways within NHS Board areas 

  • infection control measures 

  • revised Health Protection Scotland guidance for optometrists and opticians 

  • details of the temporary suspension of the requirement for patient or patient representative signatures on GOS(S)1 ‘cheque book’ slip and GOS(S)3, GOS(S)4, HES(S)1, HES(S)3 and HES(S)4 forms 

  • information about notifying Health Boards of changes in permanent practice opening hours or of practice closures as a result of COVID-19. 

  • and other information.  



All FODO members in Scotland are advised to read this official correspondence in full

On behalf of members FODO thanks Optometry Scotland for all its work and collaborative effort during this challenging period.           

Other UK Countries 

For the latest information on England see the FODO member alert: COVID-19 – SUPPORT FOR GOS CONTRACTORS IN ENGLAND 

For the latest information on Wales see the FODO member alert: CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: GOS AND EYE CARE CONTINUITY IN WALES

We will share any further announcements about England and Northern Ireland as soon as possible.        

Ongoing Work 

Throughout this crisis, FODO is continuing to work 24/7 with sector partners, all four UK governments, health services, the GOC and College of Optometrists to enable us to continue to deliver essential eye care to the population, to keep our staff safe and our practices operating, as well as cooperating in the common efforts to help the four Nations weather the crisis and recover as quickly as possible thereafter. 

Please continue to contact us if you need help, advice or assistance throughout the crisis at or via 020 7298 5151.   

March 20th
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