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We hope you find useful information to help you as you formulate your Covid-19 strategy 

Some of the resources may have pages and references missing. This is because there hasn't been any time to rewrite content for this website and format specifically. Some of it has been directly lifted from internal resources at Hakim Group and from materials provided by other stakeholders who have kindly contributed. The content should still be meaningful and of value, although may need adapting for individual practices. Any commercially or legally sensitive content has been removed to the best of our knowledge.

The content might have been lifted directly from internal content at the Hakim Group as well as partners who have been willing to contribute and references have been credited to the contributing party.

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Life after lock down

|People Pack

It is expected that the substantial downturn in business due to Covid-19 will be felt for a significant period of time in most parts of the economy including opticians, once government restrictions are lifted. Undoubtedly this reduction in demand will be linked our ongoing labour resource requirements.

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COVID-19 Optical Industry Insight

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a growing impact on the global economy, with uncertainty over the economic impact across all sectors of the economy against an ever changing situation.

Health and Wellness for our practice colleagues

This period where there is lots of negativity and uncertainty about the future can be overwhelming.

This booklet will be useful for you to adapt for your team colleagues to help them manage their personal lifestyle over the coming weeks

Independents helping

the NHS

Please click on the link below and let us have examples of how you are supporting the NHS to aid our industry discussions with NHSE.

People Strategy: Financial well-being and planning

As the virus impacts businesses, changes in employee income may start to create consequences that require attention. Here’s some useful guidance that can be circulated to your employees.

Resources and Documents 


Financial strategy: Financial planning exercise 

Build out a new target P&L for your Covid-19 trading forecast. There will be a dedicated webinar on this shortly.

Furlough questions from Solving the COVID-19 Puzzle Webinar

Please note that none of the answers below are intended or should be construed to provide legal advice

Finance: accessing Government loans Made 


Here is an easy to follow summary on how you can access financial help and the related implications.

People strategy - guidance on approach

This is an area of considerable change, however the areas that we need to consider raises questions that we go through in this document.

Don't forget the kids

An excellent letter to help you with your kids strategy if you do end up self isolating with them.

handbook of COVID-19 Response and treatment

Compiled according to clinical experience by first affiliated hospital, Zhejiang University School Of Medicine.

Marketing guide for


Your marketing voice needs to pivot for the current climate. The full marketing content will be in the overall strategy pack when it’s uploaded.

Guide to Unlocking Government Reliefs

Insights and information from the recent #StrongerTogether webinar -

Solving The COVID-19 Puzzle - on unlocking the various government support packages. 

covid-19 practice poster

Poster from college of optometrists highlighting the ‘essential and emergency’ status of the practice

People Strategy - Business continuity

Common questions answered.

Cashflow Forecast template

Managing cash will be a key challenge over the coming weeks. Leighton’s have kindly provided this Cashflow forecast template for practices to use as part of their financial strategy.

Contact Lenses and social distancing 

Most practices already have home delivery in place. If you don’t, then you need to look at your options.

Independents helping
the NHS

Please click on the link below and let us have examples of how you are supporting the NHS to aid our industry discussions with NHSE.

Ophthalmology services during COVId-19

Guidance from Royal College of Optometrists for eye departments

draft letter to furlough

A letter for you to amend/adapt to suit your employee retention strategy.

Finance strategy 

A review of your main cost lines in your business will be critical to ensure you can effectively manage your cashflow

Financial support

Financial measures and help for businesses and employees.

Letter to landlords

Here is a template you can adapt to see rental holiday from your landlord.

For COVID-19

Full Strategy PAck



connecting locums and practices

Due to the exceptional circumstances we are currently experiencing, many Locums are looking for work and practices who are staying open are looking for good Locums. To help facilitate this we decided to create this free resource we are calling the Locumhub, to connect Locums and optical practices.



Connecting Locums and practices